If YOU Don’t intend to marry her… 

​This article is based on true story about almost every girl. Read it and please share it with others and save your sister’s from such liars…
Men and Women constitute the society and this is based on the sacred relationship of Nikah.. But unfortunately now a days some men have voilated the real beauty of Nikah..
In Islam man has given the power to choose the women he likes and marry her, it means that Islam has given him right..
Does Islam give permission to the man to play with the feeling of girl in the name of proposal for Nikah and after sometimes leaving her due to baseless and lame excuses.. Does Islam give this permission to man?
The man of today’s is soo hasty to proposed the girl for Nikah and when girl shows her consent for nikah with that man, She is said that you should wait and keep praying and trust Allah.. Is it enough?
And when she insist more and more to send his parents to her home, she is finally replied that Im sorry, My family is not willing that I should marry you, and in this way she is left alone.. In addition to saying that I am going from your side now, I lost you… My family is more important than you and I cannot disobey them…
My question is that, Do boys not know about their families before proposing that girl?
Do they not know about the choices of their beloved sisters and mother?
Does girl not have any family of her?
Is girl family not respectable for her?
Is she heirless?
Does she not have any feelings or self respect?
She is selected when he wants her to select, and also rejected when wants to reject later with so many lame excuses..
What is the fault of that girl who trust him blindly? And after that trust she is left alone..
What Islam says about women?
Islam says, To treat women with kindness..
More over, It is also said that you will be questioned about women on the day of judgement…
Is the man of today so powerful that only he has the right to select or reject her at anytime?
Has he forgotten the day of judgement?
Why does such man forget that “As he sow, so shall he reap”…
At the end it’s my humble request to all my brother please proceed the matter and contact your desired girl if your family is willing for this and have no issue… And I also request you please don’t insult her when you want to reject her with these statements like…
What the hell you are?

I can sacrifice thousands of girls like you for my family…

It’s my biggest mistake of life to proposed you..

Don’t make me fool,

Don’t even try to blackmail me emotionally..etc…
Fear Allah dear brothers fear Allah… Her tears are very much precious and important for Allah, these are not just drops of water for Allah, These are her feelings, her emotions, her pain… And Allah alone is sufficient for her…
Please don’t play with the feelings of any girl, fear Allah, because one day you will be answerable for this in front of Allah SWT.
May Allah SWT help us and guide us all towards the right path. Ameen




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